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The Seattle Marinersare an American professional baseballteam based in Seattle, Washington. Enfranchised in 1977, the Mariners are a member of the West division of the American League(AL) in Major League Baseball (MLB). Since July 1999, the Mariners’ home ballpark has been Safeco Field, located south of downtown Seattle.

Steve Henson from Yahoo Sports had an interesting post regarding the Mariners' recent acquisition of Milton Bradley. 

Essentially he writes the great moves by the Mariners prior to Bradley, will be a moot point now. Really man? He does realize who we had in his place right? Carlos Silva was lost money. He had absolutely nothing of value to offer to the team, unless a one game play off in baseball came down to a hot dog eating contest. I would be willing to bet it made Jack Z sick to his stomach every time he had to see Carlos Silva. Silva was the last bad, horrible, stupid ass signing of the Bavasi era. Jack Z (and Mariners Fans) wanted nothing more then to move the guy. So he did just that on Friday. The Mariners needed a bat, and it could be argued we need one more.. (stay tuned folks) What Z did was take a completely worthless player who had NO role with Seattle and turn him into a career .277 hitter with a .357 wOBA. 

He has good power and can take a walk. Throw in the fact he is a switch hitter and we can put him in LF from time to time while Saunders gets some more AAA time, and i love this deal. Sure Bradley brings some crazy to the situation. But as others have stated, we can always cut him if he gets out of hand. That money was lost anyways. I'd argue the Mariners' could use a player like that, as long as the fire is contained and used at the right time. If there is a place Bradley will work in the Majors, it is the Mariners. Mr. Henson from Yahoo does not know a thing about Seattle or what this team is made of, and his post kind of pissed me off. To say we just flushed everything down the toilet and compare Milton Bradley to Gary Matthews Jr is stupid. 

The “Mariners” name originates from the prominence of marine culture in the city of Seattle. They are nicknamed “the M’s”, a title featured in their primary logo from 1987–1992. The current team colors are Navy blue, Northwest green, and Silver, after having been Royal blue and Gold from 1977–1992; on January 23, 2015 the Mariners revealed their new alternative uniforms with the colorsof royal blue and gold. Their mascot is the Mariner Moose.

The organization did not field a winning team until 1991, and any real success eluded them until 1995 when they won their first division championship and defeated the New YorkYankees in the American LeagueDivision Series. The game-winning hit in Game 5, in which Edgar Martínezdrove home Ken Griffey, win the gamein the 11th inning, clinched a series win for the Mariners, and has since become an iconic moment in team history.

The Mariners were created as a result of a lawsuit. In 1970, in the aftermath of the Seattle Pilots’ purchase and relocation to Milwaukee (as the Milwaukee Brewers) by future Commissioner of BaseballBud Selig, the city of Seattle, King County, and the state of Washington (represented by then-state attorney general and later U.S. Senator Slade Gorton) sued the American Leaguefor breach of contract. Confident that Major League Baseball would return to Seattle within a few years, King Countybuilt the multi-purpose Kingdome, which would become hometo the NFL’s expansion Seattle Seahawks in 1976. The name “Mariners” was chosen by club officials in August 1976 from over 600 names submitted by 15,000 entrants in a name-the-team contest.

Ken Griffey, Jr.holds six single-season batting records and an individual career record for the Mariners franchise.

The Mariners played their first gameon April 6, 1977, to a sold-out crowd of 57,762 at the Kingdome, losing 7–0 to the California Angels.[8] The first home run in team history was hit on April 10, 1977, by designated hitter Juan Bernhardt. That year, star pitcher Diego Seguí, in his last major league season, became the only player to play for both the Pilots and the Mariners. The Mariners finishedwith a 64–98 record, echoing the record the 1969 Pilots once held. In 1979, Seattle hosted the 50th Major League Baseball All-Star Game. After the 1981 season, the Mariners were sold to California businessman and future U.S. Ambassador to Spain George Argyros.

116 Games - BOOM

The Mariners won 116 games in 2001, which set the American Leaguerecord for most wins in a single season and tied the 1906 Chicago Cubs for the Major League record for most wins in a single season.

2014 a Big Season

Through the 2014 season, the franchise has finishedwith a losing record in 26 of 38 seasons. The Mariners are one of eight Major League Baseball teams who have never won a World Serieschampionship, and one of two (along with the Washington Nationals) to never have played in a World Series.

Nintendo Owns the Mariners

Owned by Nintendo of America, the Mariners are one of three Major League Baseball teams under corporate ownership; the other two are the Atlanta Braves(Liberty Media) and the Toronto Blue Jays(Rogers Communications).

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I made it to Fan Fest on Sunday. We showed up to the field right around 11, and I cannot describe how long the line was. I think I have pictures that can though. We ended up over at Pyramid watching the X Games and having a Hefe. Around noon we decided to test our lucky, and got in pretty quickly. Once inside, there were people EVERY WHERE. Now I think it's great the M's fans came out strong don't get me wrong, but I did not think it would be THAT packed. 

We "toured" the roof control room. Got some cool pictures from outside of it. Found out the lady that runs the elevator works in there during most of the games also. Wouldn't that suck? Can't see the game from there. After that we walked around Safeco to hope in line for the "run around the bases" After waiting for about 30 minutes (thought it could take longer actually.) We made our way onto the magical surface that is Safeco Field. The dirt as my buddy Josh put it, seems like "those brown powdery donuts, and not like dirt" 

Again, we only had one beer at Pyramid. I will try to get a picture post up once I find my upload cable. Went in the dugout and then headed up the stairs to check out the club house. I think the main reason I went was to check out the club house. It didn't let me down, as we walked in, Tui was talking to a few guys and had a piece of paper that looked identical to a pay stub or W2. I wonder... We then headed into the weight room, and after seeing that, I understand why we have NO POWER. 

What a sad place. I go to a "pretty nice" gym up here, but the M's workout room made it look like a workout palace. I couldn't get Josh to crank up some pull ups as we left, thought he'd get in trouble. After that, it was a quick stop to the diamond club. A drunken memory of a September Rays Mariners game slightly came back to me there. Best $250 you can spend. Anyways, while it wasn't exactly what I had expected, it was a good time. I doubt I will go next time, but at least I can say I've been to one now.

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